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Pegasus Integrations

Pegasus Web Xchange

Connect with your Opera data from anywhere with Pegasus Web Xchange Integration

Mobilise your workforce with Pegasus Web Xchange, a secure and easy way to access Opera 3 data on the go, on any device.

With access to Mobile Sales, Payroll Self Service and Online Timesheets you can improve your business efficiency, performance and empower your employees.

Online Timesheets

If your business requires employees to submit timesheets, Online Timesheets will be invaluable to your business. Seamlessly submit, authorise and process timesheets in a fraction of the time it would take for this process to be completed manually.

Employees who submit timesheets do not need to be Opera 3 users, they can simply create, record, and submit a timesheet from wherever they are and then send it to their manager for approval.

Managers can gain greater visibility and control over their employees’ time by being able to track, monitor and manage the efficiency of their workforce. If a timesheet is rejected, managers can add notes to the timesheet to explain why their timesheet has not been approved.

Online Timesheets makes it easy for Project Managers to track and monitor time by creating projects and associated tasks and employees can record the hours worked, which can be analysed by project task, date, and employee.

The seamless integration between Pegasus Online Timesheets and Pegasus Payroll means that Payroll and HR staff can be freed up from entering data, making processes more efficient and cost-effective.

Pegasus Mobile Sales

Connecting your sales team on the road with your office

Pegasus Mobile Sales connects your sales team on the road with the office, which helps to reduce the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and the order being processed. By reducing the time taken between a customer placing the order and the order being processed, it not only improves customer experience and satisfaction, but also improves customer delivery times and invoice times, which ultimately improves your businesses cash flow.

Pegasus Mobile Sales is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed. If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their mobile devices.

Designed to improve the way that your sales team can interact with customers, customer account information is provided to your sales person so they can see the customer’s credit limit, current balance, list of outstanding invoices (if any) and invoice due dates, as well as previous orders that have been placed.

Allowing your sales team to have this information at their fingertips, gives them an advantage when trying to close a sale, as well as opportunities to cross sell and upsell. Pegasus Mobile Sales, allows your sales team to run real-time stock enquiries, allowing them to provide customers with accurate and up to date information on sales prices and stock levels, therefore managing customer expectations and therefore helping to increase customer satisfaction.

Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to work even if there’s no internet connection using cached data. Information on orders placed is stored on the mobile device until a network connection is found.

Payroll Self Service

Reduce HR costs and empower employees

Integrating with Payroll & HR, Payroll Self Service on Pegasus Web Xchange offers your employees remote access to personal data, pension information, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60s. It’s quick and easy to use and employees don’t need to be users of Opera 3 to access their data.

Depending on the permissions assigned to them, employees can access their personal details, photograph, contacts, education records, bank account information, absence details and holiday entitlement. This information can be restricted to Read Only or Read/Write access can be given. Any changes made by the employee are subject to manager authorisation.

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