An Introduction to Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE

Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE is a business management tool designed for small-to-medium sized businesses. It has been created to help manage day-to-day processes in a simpler and more efficient way, leaving more time to be spent on the tasks that matter most to the business.

With a library of core modules that are effortless to deploy and easy-to-use, businesses can operate with increased clarity and functionality. From financials to supply chain management, modules are customisable to fit with the needs of a business.

Core Modules

In total there are 9 core modules that can be added to the Opera 3 system, and chopped and changed based on the needs of a business. Each core module provides an additional function aimed at optimising processes to meet business and customer needs more quickly. Below are a few of the core modules explained in a bit more detail.


The Financials module provides In-depth financial reporting that seamlessly integrates with Excel, allowing users to track revenue and costs, to provide real-time visibility of cash-flow. This functionality was designed to offer full visibility of financial activity for quick and informed decision making. 

Bill of Materials

Gain fast and accurate manufacturing information through the Bill of Materials core module. Work in progress, assembly structure detail, batch and serial item location, and assembly cost reports can all be viewed within the software. The Kitting function offers further flexibility, allowing for works orders to be raised, and the build quality of the finished assembly to be moved into stock, all within a single posting.

Making Tax Digital

As part of the Making Tax Digital (MTD) government initiative, designed to make it easier for businesses and individuals to maintain their VAT records and ensure their tax is correct, Opera 3 SQL SE is fully HMRC accredited for MTD compliance. This means the software can store, maintain, and submit a business’s VAT information digitally and as specified by the regulations.

Supply Chain Management

Opera 3 SQL SE allow businesses to integrate sales orders, purchasing and stock with relevant financial information, automating delivery of customer orders. This integration of processes will not only make operations more efficient, but also improves customer satisfaction as orders can be met more quickly.

Opera 3 SQL SE Cloud

By moving Opera 3 SQL SE to the cloud, you can access this business management software online at any time, and from anywhere, making remote working a lot more accessible. With monthly subscription-based payments, businesses can keep a better eye on cash-flow and not worry about saving for larger lump sums on a yearly basis.


Pegasus Opera 3 SQL SE has several key benefits aimed at helping businesses achieve their objectives:

  • Better decisions can be made faster

With easy access to key sets of data, less time is spent searching for data, so more time can be spent acting on it.


  • Gain total visibility and control

Multiple companies and multiple currencies can be managed through the platform, with reporting linking directly to Excel, offering a unified view of a business.


  • Fast-track financials

Opera 3 SQL SE allows businesses to continually track revenues, along with what’s owed and when it’s due. The software also reminds businesses what they owe, who to, and when it has to be paid, providing full visibility of cash-flow.


  • Adapt to change

Core modules can be deployed as and when needed, with scope to expand the solutions as the business grows. Further options allow businesses to tailor how the software works for them increasing flexibility even further.


For more information about Opera 3 SQL SE and how it could help optimise your business processes, speak to us today.