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Pegasus Addon

Warehouse Management

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Designed to improve accuracy and efficiency and utilising modern barcode technology, this user-friendly solution can help your business to manage your Supply Chain and improve Warehouse Management.

BridgeWMS covers all day to day routine warehouse management tasks, from stock takes to good in/out, order picking, stock movements and transfers. BridgeWMS is controlled via a handheld device, which links back to your ERP/MRP solution, providing you with accurate and up to date stock information.

Available as an out of the box solution or as a tailored solution that is customised to your business, BridgeWMS improves accuracy, reduces the duplication of tasks and saves time and money.

Key Features

  • Modern barcode symbology and data capture.
  • Barcodes can be printed onto standard labels direct from Bridge on the PC or via the handheld device.
  • Wi-Fi from scanner to server for transporting records.
  • 80% average time saved during stock take (labour and elapsed).
  • Improvement in picking and goods in processes.
  • Increased accuracy in stock holding.
  • Real time forecasting of stock-outs.

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