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Pegasus Addon

Purchase Order Processing

Cloud-based Invoice Approval Software with Purchase Requisition & Purchase Orders

Making your business processes more efficient does not only improve employee morale, making it easier for them to do their job and to focus on other tasks, but also increases capacity to grow your business.

Opera 3 and Opera 3 SE SQL will integrate with Zahara’s cloud-based Purchase Management software. Now, for the first time Opera users can easily raise orders and carry out invoice approvals by email, create automatic invoice approval triggers as well as automate invoice processing and matching them with orders.

How it works:

  • Purchase requests are raised in Zahara and route into multi-step approvals
  • Suppliers receive a Purchase Order PDF automatically
  • Finance can accrue for orders raised and not receipted or missing invoices
  • Staff can receipt deliveries easily on the Zahara mobile app
  • Invoices can be emailed directly into Zahara and accurately machine-read
  • Invoices and orders are matched, exceptions can route for approval
  • Approved invoices export into Opera automatically together with the PDF

Key Features:

  • Purchase Requisition with multi-step approvals
  • Purchase Orders, receipting & supplier management
  • Advanced invoice recognition and approvals
  • Projects, Budgets, Individual user permissions
  • A seamless integration
  • Syncing of suppliers and coding
  • Exporting of invoices from Zahara to Opera

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