We understand how reluctant business owners are with changing their business systems. Not only is it the time it takes to choose the right software but then the upheaval of the installation can be very stressful and cost a company invaluable time. However, continuing to use the wrong software can have even larger effects on a business. If you’re not happy with your system, for whatever reason, have a look at our first steps to choosing the right software. If you choose the right supplier the migration shouldn’t be too chaotic or costly.

1. Appoint a Project Leader : always make someone the main contact so that all enquiries and information is dealt with by them initially. It saves a lot of time at the beginning but also during the installation.

2. Establish your Requirements : Decide what your business really needs from a system. What is your current system not providing, even if you think it isn’t achievable, detail it in your specification document as there may be an application available it’s just not advertised.

3. Locate 3 Potential Suppliers : Take the time to research 3 software providers, if possible check their details on Companies House or a business search facility, you want to make sure that the company you are dealing with is solid and has the experience to support your business. Have all 3 suppliers visit you and discuss your needs openly with them, see how they respond.

4. Ensure you get Structured Demonstrations : Every supplier should want to demonstrate their software to you. They should be proud and not just tell you what it can do, you want them to show you. If you have asked for bespoke applications, ask for a testimonial from a client using this add-on (where possible)

5. Scrutinise the Proposal : Go through the supplier proposals with extra vigilence, look at the costs involved, how they will help you migrate, etc. Your Project leader will do this initially but then sit down as a team and discuss it.

Finally, enjoy the project, take the time to research the software and relish in the fact that in a short amount of time, your business will be running efficiently and have an edge to your competitors.